Ringette stick hats

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Looking for a unique gift for a ringette player? Stickheads' ringette stick hats score hat tricks with girls everywhere! These soft cozy polar fleece hats feature a polar fleece ring sewn onto a "stick" and will keep your player warm on cold winter days.

You can either have the ring in royal blue or a colour that matches the band, so please let us know in the Ring Colour box if we don't offer the option you're looking for.

They make great team gifts too - player numbers can be added to the white portion of the "stick".

Sizing:  They fit true to size, but if your player is bit for their age, you may want to go a size up.

Band Circumference:

4-8 years 51 cm (20 in)

9+ years 53 cm (21 in)

Adult 56 cm (21.75 in)